czwartek, 22 października 2009

Paragliding in Tsukuba Ibaraki :)

The first time in my life I was flying and feeling the wind on my face and actually everywhere :) WOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , it was creasy amzing, incredible, wonderful, AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , just great!!!!!..It was long time ago in March 2009 , but I forget to show You the picture from the trip to Tsukuba Ibaraki with my friend Adie from India who is paragliding since 10 Japan :) Thanks to Him I could try it too. So, I will show You some photos now :)

sobota, 26 września 2009


In August I had possibility to attend the real Tea Ceremony at the real Tea House which belongs to amazing, interesting, energetic and very kind women: Master of Tea Ceremony and the Teacher at the same time : Yoko Ikezawa San. There I could wear kimono for the first time in my life,( which Sensei had borrowed me for the Tea Ceremony) and I could feel for a while like a part of Japneese life and be closer to philosophi and very deep tradition of Zen... Time, which I had spend there, at this place was one of the most interesting for me in Japan.
Thank you for that SENSEI from all my hart!!!
Here are some photos ....